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    First Aid Resuscitation Kits: Resuscitation kits are critical medical devices which address individuals suffering from immediate, harmful respiratory issues. These can occur from various medical reasons or after sustaining injury. Breathing difficult can also occur after an allergy attack or other situations where their breathing is non-functional or severely impaired. Kits can be used by either medical professionals or users with an understanding of resuscitation. It is recommended for those who may need to apply immediate care for those suffering from sudden breathing impairment.

    Typically, a CPR kit will include the following: Anti-bacterial mask, oxygen pump performed by squeeze action to provide breathing assistance, protective case to prevent damage to resuscitation supplies and allow for ease of storage/access, valve masks in either child or adult size, oxygen tank for automatic supply of oxygen, user manual/instructions for proper resuscitation techniques

    It is recommended to fully understand the employment of resuscitation kits in times of emergency. User guides provide instructions but should be read promptly before use. Improper use of kits or supplies can cause serious damage to an individual’s respiratory functions, or severely impair them.

    Consider having resuscitation kits on hand for times of emergency, regardless of status as a medical-professional or no. Kits can be stored safely in standard work environments, prevent serious injury in public settings, and provide an invaluable tool to immediately address life threatening scenarios. Note that resuscitation kits are primarily for assisting with impacted respiratory function or total breathing failure. For addressing minor to major injuries, such as cuts, scrapes, or gashes, refer to other first aid kit formats.

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