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    Commodes & Hospital Commodes are specialty units for transporting patients with mobility impairments, caused either by disability, surgery, or other various medical reasons. Commodes come in several types such as temporary or full functioning depending on the patient’s need. They allow for transportation of individuals while simultaneously able to collect waste for those who have difficulty getting to a bathroom. This helps preserve patient safety, dignity, and keeps environments clean from spread of bacteria or infections.

    Health or home care professionals using commodes can make use of its various advantageous features: Portable and mobile, for bedside or individual use. Wheelchair commodes can fold for ease of removal and storage. Various commode frames from plastic, steel or aluminum. Non rusting surfaces keep integrity safe for use while simultaneously easy to clean and maintain. Rubber seated feet keeps commode stationary when in use. Portable access allows for easy draining and disposal of waste.

    Various other commode options exist for those in unique scenarios (such as shower commodes). These can be used for professional or individual use, depending on the circumstance.

    If you are a homecare or hospital specialist, consider investing in sturdy aluminum based commodes for consistent use with multiple patients where heavy use is expected. Commodes will prevent the spread of bacteria from waste and maintain a clean environment for specialists and patients alike. Consider the investment of commodes if one or more patients you treat suffer from physical impairments or disabilities, resulting from complications post-surgery or otherwise.

    Individual house care is also available for those who need commodes in a personal environment.

    28 products
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