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    Medical Pen Lights

    While some may think that a medical pen light is the same as an everyday torch, but the medical pen light is highly customized for the medical profession. For a doctor, nurse or clinician, the pen light is an important tool. There are a few factors to keep in mind when selecting the best medical pen light to suit your needs.

    Most medical pen lights have a sleek design. They generally have a more professional appearance than a standard torch and come in a variety of colors. For those in the pediatric field, there are fun colors to entertain children during an exam, some can even be found in a rainbow pack. The ideal medical pen light is small, because it can slide easily into a pocket to have at the ready.

    Look for a medical pen light that features a pupil gauge. While not always a necessity, a doctor or nurse find it helpful when doing a pupil test. A medical pen light with a pupil gauge will generally specify it on the side of the light. Also, a low lumen setting is important so when using it, patients don’t feel like they’re being blinded.

    Medical pen lights offer medical professionals the ability to focus on the work at hand and not trying to find a flashlight to suit their needs. With a professional image, easy access and settings appropriate for the medical field, medical pen lights are a must-have.

    2 products
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